Save Money Playing the Drugstore Game

I like to save money in as many areas of my life as possible. That way I can spend that savings on things I actually WANT to spend money on. I can add it to retirement savings or save for our next trip, or whatever else has come up. One way I have saved our family a quite a bit of money is playing the drugstore game. Major drug store chains like Walgreens and CVS can offer you some pretty hefty savings. Especially when you combine store coupons, manufacturer coupons, sales, digital deals, and more.

I have not paid real money for toilet paper, shampoo, and toothpaste in a very long time. My makeup, many snack foods, and a lot of other stuff I have paid pennies on the dollar. How? It takes some practice. It takes some time. And there will be some trial and error. Please believe me when I tell you that. The first time I went to CVS with my deal planned out they were out of a lot of things I wanted, my kids were with (BIG MISTAKE) and I didn’t know the layout of the store.  I left mad at myself, frustrated with my kids, and annoyed that I had spent money on things I didn’t really need. (Hello dark chocolate)

The first thing I would recommend is to start small! Also, join some social media pages that are dedicated to coupon use at these places. You will learn a lot from these people. Then start saving coupons from the paper, ask close friends or family if they use theirs as well, if not have them save the coupon section for you. Many people dumpster dive at gas stations for the left over papers, I don’t do this, I am not that into it! But it does work. There are also online sites that are great for printable coupons, is the most reputable site I use.   Get yourself to the dollar store for a notebook and folder or binder to keep your coupon stuff organized. You will thank me later for this one.

Download the apps for the stores that you want to coupon at because they will have opportunities for you to save more, view their add in advance, and give you digital coupons. I also recommend going to the store as early in the week as possible. If you go on Sunday or Monday they are more likely to have the things you want in stock. Familiarize yourself with the stores in your area and be real friendly to the staff, it will come back to you in spades.

These are my best tips for getting started in the drugstore game. Lets face it, you have to buy toilet paper, toothpaste, razors, and more anyway. Why not figure out how to get it for free, or for very little of your hard earned money?

Good luck, try not to get frustrated. It takes a few trips to really get to know what you are doing. Don’t give up if your first trip or two is a flop. Pretty soon you will be getting lots of necessities for little to nothing, and have fun doing it!


Thanks for reading!



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