Tips To Save Money On Vacation

Traveling is awesome, but it can also be expensive. If you are trying to get more travel in on a tight budget then try some of these ideas for some extra savings!

  1. Join relevant social media groups– If you know where you would like to go, check out groups on Facebook and other sites. A lot of times there will be locals, or people who have been there and done that. They will be able to guide you to deals in specific areas.
  2. Travel Insurance- Research your travel insurance options. Think of how much you are spending on a trip and decide if its something that you need. If you want it, do some searching for the best options and prices. Sometimes you can pick it up for next to nothing.
  3. Consider a Night at the Airport- Seems weird right? Hear me out. If you have a early morning flight home, say 6am…you have to be to the airport by 4ish, up by 3ish… If you are traveling alone or with a partner why pay for a night at a hotel when you are checking out so early? Get to the airport in the evening, have dinner there and find a cozy corner to hunker down for the night. I don’t recommend this with kids because but adults can typically handle this no problem.
  4. Eat At Your Hotel- You don’t have to eat all your meals there but if you can get a hotel room with a mini fridge and microwave you will save a ton. You can eat all your breakfasts and many other meals there. And of course try to get a hotel that offers free breakfast.
  5. Air BNB-  Air BNB and others like it are a great thing! They are all over the world and its great to have the luxuries of a home. They are often cheaper then hotel rooms and more comfortable. Before you book your next hotel check out what other options there are. Don’t be afraid to check nearby towns as well for even cheaper options for just a little extra commute. We have booked several times in different areas and always been very pleased.
  6.  Groupon- Groupon and other sites like it are great for traveling. Whenever we go on trips we always check them out in our area for dinner and activities. We have saved a ton, and found some really fun things to do that we would not have normally seen. Their app is super convenient and easy to use.
  7. Free Days- If there is a specific museum or attraction you know you want to go to check out their website or give them a call in advance. Many places have a day a week that is free or greatly discounted at certain times. Doesn’t hurt to check!
  8. The Road Less Traveled- Don’t be afraid to check out non tourist places. Especially in places you feel comfortable traveling. For example, if you want a beach vacation in Florida, don’t go to Coco Beach or Siesta Key, try Navarre Beach. Half the price, half the amount of people. Amazing beaches. And you  just might find your new family favorite destination.

I hope some of these tips help you out for your next vacation. There are so many ways to save money while you travel. Don’t be afraid to try different things and different ways to save. It is your hard earned money and your time. The  more you save, the more trips you can take!

Thanks for reading,



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