Some Of My 2018 Travel Plans

This is set to be a big year for me for travel and adventure. In April I will be heading to Amsterdam with my mom! I am leaving my husband and kids to head to Europe for a long weekend. There are many places that I can’t wait to see during the three days we will be there, but I am especially excited to see the Tulip Festival. My kids are super annoyed that I am going to Europe without them, but hey, moms get to do stuff too.

In June, we will be headed on a family trip to Branson, Missouri. I can’t wait to check the whole area out and see what there is to see. My in laws are camping at Table Rock Lake but camping is not my idea of a good time. I like comfortable beds, showers, and no bugs. We are planning on getting a Air B&B with my brother in law and his family. I can’t wait to hang out with my little niece for 4 days. She is an adorable little nugget.

In August we are going to Rapid City, South Dakota. While I have been there my husband and kids have not. I can’t wait to do all the classic stuff like Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, the Badlands and more. I am hoping to talk my dad and his wife into joining us. Can you believe my step mom has never been farther from Minnesota then Wisconsin?

Finally, In December we are doing a cruise with my parents and my in-laws to the Caribbean. That should be interesting. I might just throw someone off the boat in the Bermuda Triangle…but I will try to be good.

These are the bigger things I have planned for the year but I have a lot of other ideas for day and weekend trips. I hope you will enjoy reading about  my adventures as well as all the great information I plan to share in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Thanks for reading,



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