What I Learned From Our First Cruise

Two Years ago our little family went on our very first cruise. It was a  trip with my in-laws and since they paid for the tickets they also chose the cruise line, time, and destination. That was all fine and dandy with me, as I wasn’t paying for it. I learned a lot from our first cruise and I wish I had been wiser before embarking on our adventure. This is just some of what I learned.

  1. Carnival is a line for young people. And while I consider myself young-ish having kids in elementary and middle school puts you in the old-ish group. Be prepared to see a lot of  young, party like its 1999 college “kids” and early 20’s “kids”. Who by the way, still look awesome in bathing suits, drink like fish, and take over the pool decks.
  2. Budget Friendly If you are on a limited cruise budget then Carnival is for you. They usually have the cheapest fares. A lot of their ships are a bit older, but still very clean and as far as I was concerned, fancy.
  3. Kids Club If you are traveling with kids they have a day care of sorts. They have fun activities for the kids of all ages so you and your significant other can do whatever the heck you want. But if your kids are like mine, they won’t like it and will pitch fits when you suggest they go there and hang out with you most of the time anyway. At first this annoyed me, but when I checked it out for myself, they seemed a bit old for most of the activities.
  4. Food,Food, and more Food If you are hungry on a cruise its really your own fault. They have tons of food to choose from at all times of day. I also had a piece of chocolate cake delivered to my room whenever my  husband took the girls to the pool. (That’s our secret)
  5. Sea Sickness Being sea sick is no joke. I was pretty miserable the first 24 hours until I found some meds in one of the many gift shops. Come prepared with medication, you never know who needs it and its three times more on board then at Wal-Mart or Piggley Wiggley or wherever you shop.
  6. Hurricane Season  Going during the hurricane season will guarantee you cheaper fares. It could also give you, well…a hurricane. A category 2 hurricane brewed up on our last few days out at sea and chased us into shore. The pools where shut down, it was crazy windy, the water was scary rough, and I may or may not have run into walls and random people while walking around when the ship would suddenly lurch one direction or the other.  You get what you pay for I guess.
  7. Bang For Your Buck Finally, you get a lot for your money. Its a great way to see places you might not otherwise go to. It also is a great way to determine where you might want to go on a non cruise vacation.

That is probably enough for now, however I will post more later because with cruising, there is a lot to learn, and a lot I wish I had known before we left. Would I cruise again? You bet. We have a cruise booked for December, that I will share some details about as the time gets closer.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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